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The Legends Team at DEMA 2007: Portage Quarry Legends members Jeff Rice, Zale Parry and Dr. Sam Miller meet with Bev Morgan (left) of Kirby Morgan Dive Helmets at the Diving Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA) annual meeting, held October 31 through November 3 in Florida.

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Special Wood County Crisis Team Formed: Twenty three members were sworn in as special deputies with the Wood County Sheriff's Department on Oct. 4, 2007 at Portage Quarry. Read about this quick response team, posted Oct. 2, 2007.

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Bart Rice with a dive flag and his salute at a very young age, likely 9 years old, 1982 estimated year. He later went on to military tours of Iraq, later recognized with a Bronze Star for his service during battle. Other pictures from 1982 include the front gate and a swim after putting down the first sand beach. Click here for the pictures from 1982.

Pirates found refuge in the shelter house of the Portage Quarry on this hot August night. Click here or the image above for more photos of the evening.

On August 23 Bryan Smith and the officers from Chillicothe were in for a real treat. Tom Price, owner of the Landing Vehicle, Tracked (LVT), brought the marine machine to PQ. The LVT starred in the movie Flags of Our Fathers. There is only one of six left for some maintenance. He gathered all the divers and gave them a thrill of a lifetime. Click here to see their expressions on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

'07 was a popular event captured in digital format. Click here for more 2007 photos.

This week's image is a video of a recent Wind Surfer on the Portage Quarry. After all, it is a recreation center. Watch the Windows Media video now.

Newest Double Hose Club Member: Deb Lecocq, with a history of diving with single hose regulators, dives for the first time with a double hose. Her husband, Sam Lecocq, was instrumental in the development of the single hose regulator. Both were on hand for the 2007 Legends of Diving Festival August 10-12 weekend. Photo by Fred Berry.

Over the Ledge: These photos by Tom Briggle were taken recently of Miss Nomer, Dale, and of course the bluegill with bass. All have made plans to be at the Legends Fest. See this and more of Tom Briggle's photos

Hansa, More Photos: These photos by Rich Lauer taken recently of his friend Andy and the Jet. See this and more of Rich Lauer's photos

Atlantis: Tragedy aboard this deep water diving vessel is recounted in Deep Diving Records: For Science or Ego by Samuel G. Lecocq and Debborah Lecocq. It is a look at the successes and tragedies of some deep water diving events by the pioneers.

Hansa, One year Later: These photos taken by Shawn Taylor the weekend of June 2 show the Hansa Jet less than one year after it was submerged as a training site for rescue divers. Brandon Steller of New Castle, PA reported visibility good enough to see the entire 55' length of the plane on June 22. See this and more of Shawn Taylor's photos

Read the PQ reunion story of Sherry (McKay) Lantz, and friends Sam and Debbie Lecocq. More Info

Trust…But Verify: Not only did the early inventors create some of the dive equipment whose principles still exist, they also created the means to test the equipment. Read the article by Samuel G. Lecocq. More Info

Sea Sabres Signaling System: Bob and Shari Retherford with Ken Marx, in the early 1960's at Newport Beach, CA. Note the size of the equipment and the Sampson World Record spear gun. Read the article by Dr. Sam Miller. More Info

Country Music BlowOut - Uptown Country. More Info

Country Music BlowOut - Tina Mae and the River Kings. More Info

Press Release (4-16-07): Zale Parry, shown with Lloyd Bridges on the set of Sea Hunt, will headline the August 10-12 weekend of activities. More Info

In Memory of Dr. Joe A. Bauer, Jr: Dive historian and notable surgeon, dies April 3, 2007. More Info

Weeki Wachee Weekend: Underwater exploration and vintage equipment was regaled March 31 at Weeki Wachee Springs. More Info


Vintage Helmet: Classic Film. Click Here for the Leon Lyons Article

Leon Lyons Museum
Click Here for Museum


Leon Lyons Museum

Click Here for Museum

Navy Dive Training

Cousteau Memorial on Top of the Silo

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