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UNEXSO Diving and Fun: It would be a shame to describe the distance as walking distance, it really is on one campus between UNEXSO, restaurants, Pelican Bay and relaxation. So much to do, including a casino right there. Who would need a car, a scooter maybe. More

Museum of Diving: Go for some of the best diving in Ohio at Portage Quarry, but also be sure to stop by the dive shop for a look back into the history of diving. Catch a look at the photos and browse some of the early regulators on display. Catch the movie memorabilia from the Creature to the Sea Hunt series. More

Professionals Gather: Dive professionals from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas for the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association Show, October 22-25. It set up this chance meeting with two record breaking freedivers Robert Croft and William Trubridge. More

Pumpkin Carving: Each buddy team had one pumpkin to carve for the Pumpkin Carving contest on October 11. We gave away prizes and the pumpkins were voted on by the contestants. Everyone had a great time. More

Pirate Night: It was swashbuckling fun at the Portage Quarry as
Bob Rajiner and Kevin McCarthy appeared in their pirate attire. On October 3 there was lake perch and french fries for the gathering of revelers. More

Anticipating Halloween: The dive team discovers an underwater graveyard. As Halloween approaches, the discovery was timely. Join us for the October 11 party and the Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest. It is BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) and remember they are buoyant. More

HSA Barbeque: Mid-Ohio Divers sponsored the 3rd
Annual Handicap SCUBA Association BBQ with a weekend of diving and camping while raising money for a geat cause. There was a dinner with a raffle on Saturday, September 12, and a Swap Meet on Sunday. More

Newest in the Legends Series: Dottie Frazier, businesswoman and first female instructor. More

Active Brooke, Quarry Queen: Brooke has been around a lot this summer at the Quarry, helping out where she can as host. She also makes a very suitable Quarry Queen, an honorary title she holds in high regard. See more photos of Brooke

Legends Gather for Third Year: Honored this year were legends Nick Icorn and Robert Croft. A new spirit also was in attendance as Keith Cooper of UNEXSO promoted the next Legends of Diving episode. Read the personal account

Parrots of the Caribbean: The sharks on the land appeared for the Parrots of the Caribbean and it turned out to be a great party. They made such a splash that they were invited back next year, mark your calendars for August 1, 2009. Photos

Good Photos Turned In: More photos, click here.

DAN Barbecue: The Divers Alert Network barbeque was widely attended with plenty of prizes for all and plenty of good food. Now, getting two golf balls to stay on top of the silo for the treasure hunt was a different story. For more DAN Bbq photos click here.

Country Blowout: July 4th weekend was a great weekend for the Country Blowout. Four bands lined up for this year's event: Uptown Country, Jackson Highway, Tim Omark and Southern Justice, and Backroads Band,  Photo.

Stealth in the Water: On a June afternoon Marty Bailey from the Ohio State University popped in for an afternoon dive with his buddy. His goal was three hours down with his new rebreather. He missed it at 2 hours and 45 min, all without any surface bubbles. Photo.

Newest Quarry Queens: This Mistral Regulator never looked so good. Quarry Queen Photos

SCUBA West Virginia, Dive Master Class & S.L.A.M.: S.L.A.M. is SCUBA Lifesaving and Accident Management, a course created to introduce the recreational diver to dive rescue. Training took place the weekend of May 31 to June 1, 2008. More Photos

Dave Portal turns 40: Party on June 6, 2008

On Any Given Weekend: Tom Price displayed his  1942 International USMC troop hauler at Portage Quarry the weekend of June 6. The vehicle was found in the desert after 40 years since it last saw service. Price rebuilt it and put it on display.

USMC Troop Hauler

The International Legends of Diving website opens with an exclusive video of the tonic immobility of sharks, demonstrated during the weekend of Legends Festival meetings at the UNEXSO dive facility. Click image above for larger picture. Click here for the new website and the video.

OceanFest was well attended in Ft. Lauderdale the weekend of April 19 and 20. Jeff rice of Portage Quarry was at the UNEXSO booth with Keith Cooper (pictured here) promoting the International Legends of Diving. Click here for more photos of OceanFest.

Nick Icorn delivers his first article in the International Legends of Diving series.  Birth of a Sport, The Early Regulators first appeared in Historical Diver in 1993.

Featured Legends diver Nick Icorn receiving the Conrad Limbaugh award.

Jeff Rice, Portage Quarry owner, speaks with the Sand Dog V group at their annual meeting in Silver Springs, Florida, on March 28, 2008. He discussed diving in the Bahamas.

Click on the image above for more photos of the ice diving trip the weekend of March 1-2 with members of the Michigan Adventure Diving and Great Lakes Wrecking Crew Dive Club.

An ice diving trip the weekend of March 1-2. A total of 18 people showed up for the ice dive. There were seven divers and 11 surface support personnel. Two divers used a redundant air supply and two divers were in wetsuits. All but one used full face masks. They also had underwater communicators according to the report from Elizabeth Campbell

This is a heater made for the USN to keep regulators from freezing. Yes, you can buy them from Kirby Morgan for around $600

Keith G. Cooper Photo
The History of Diving on Grand Bahama Island

Six members of the
Wood County Water Rescue Team were in classroom at the Dive
Lab in Panama City, FL
January 7-9, 2008.

Click here for more photos of the rescue training.


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