Pumpkin Carving at the Underwater Graveyard


Rules for Underwater Pumpkin Carving
in the Graveyard at Portage Quarry

This event is in the spirit of Halloween, mostly Fun. The event will be judged and prizes will be awarded for those skilled and creative divers, so bring your dive costume. This event is BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin).

Register at the office that day.
Price is the $10.00 Dive admission. In other words, FREE!

Rules for This Event:

  1. Please remove the top and hollow out your pumpkin prior to arriving at the event. We donít want to leave pumpkin sledge all around the Quarry.

  2. All pieces must be retrieved.

  3. Only Buddy Teams will participate.

  4. Must have a Dive knife. No Razorís or box knifes. Must be a safe knife with sheath.

  5. You can pre-mark on the pumpkin with permanent marker.

  6. All Pumpkins will go to the shelter house and put on display.

  7. Scariest and most creative will be the categories.

  8. Judging will be by all competing divers by one vote (Just like Survivor).

  9. All Judging will be final and no disputes honored.

This is how it works:

  • At 2:00 p.m. All divers will enter the water at the West wall and swim to the Graveyard.

  • We will Mark it with a Safety boat and Referee at the surface.

  • You have one dive only, and 30 minutes we will call the event off.

  • Graveyard is 53 feet deep. Drysuits recommended.

  • You can swim back to shore on the surface.

  • Those who do not want to go to the Graveyard can carve right below the back concrete dock where it will be warmer. Those are the only two places the event will take place.

  • Remember, Pumpkins float. You have been warned.

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