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Cousteau's Conshelf III Regulator: Circa 1965, this was the largest double hose regulator ever developed. Nick Icorn brought this regulator to Legends 2008 at Portage Quarry. View a larger image

Celebrity Dive Legends from Mexico prepare for Cozumel: Among the divers honored at the Legends Festival on Cozumel Island April 12-19, 2010 will be Manuel Lazcano (right) and Sergio Vizcaino, two divers from Mexico. A great event is shaping up with more legends. Read the bios and sign up for this event

Double Hose Regulator Pairs for Sale: These are the EDPM hoses that were voted as the best for comfort at the Portage Quarry two years ago, now for sale online here. They fit Aqua Lung, Voit Healthway, La Spirotechnique and other regulators. Go to the shopping cart with these new items

Cousteau Gagnon La Spirotechnique 1942 CG 45 Regulator: This regulator may be one of the first in production and only a few hundred were put into production. The Legends museum has recently acquired one to complement its set of early regulators. Only a small handful remain. Check out the museum at the International Legends of Diving website

End of the 2009 Summer Season: Owner Jeff Rice signals an end to the 2009 Summer Swim Season by rounding up the dogs and pulling in the swim rafts. There is still plenty of diving for 2009, check the schedule on the home page for dive times and days. Click Here for a larger image of Jeff and the dogs in the cart.

Waiting for an Indian Summer: The advanced open water class from Wright State University was one group to visit the quarry and dive among air temperatures of 51 degrees. It didn't hurt to have a space heater in a tent on surface intervals. Click Here for Wright State and other group photos.

Quarry Queens: On any given weekend you may find the most beautiful women in northwest Ohio. Time to post new photos from this summer of the prestigious group that don the vintage double hose regulators for these photos Click Here for more Quarry Queen photos

Notes from the Road: Underwater Adventure Seekers 50th Anniversary Celebration: Washington, DC: September 18-20, 2009: as written by Dan Orr (right), CEO of DAN. On the left is pictured Dr. Jose Jones, founder of UAS. Both are celebrated Legends of Diving. Click Here for the report.

Halloween and Pumpkin Carving Approaching: What better way than with a graveyard photo by Chris Guglielmo to say that we are approaching Halloween and the Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. More graveyard photos by Chris. Information on the Pumpkin Carving Contest, October 10, 2009.

Ready for my close-up: Jeffrey Menk turned in this photo of the week on his first trip to the quarry. He took this bluegill picture by the silo with a Nikon Coolpix P5100, no special strobe or lenses. He described the experience as "awesome." Click Here for an enlarged view.

HSA Barbeque: Labor day weekend the Mid-Ohio Divers sponsored the 3rd
Annual Handicap SCUBA Divers BBQ. There were prizes, Treasure Hunt and Winking Lizard BBQ on September 5th. Some divers required assistance getting into the water by volunteers, shown enjoying the experience.
Click Here for photos of this event.

The dive team showed up for a full set of training exercises on Kirby Morgan helmets. The training took place on Saturday, August 29, 2009. Click Here for more images.

Bryan "Tater" DuBoe of Reynoldsburg, OH was eulogized in a recent ceremony to place this headstone in the quarry. He passed away suddenly on April 28, 2009. Born August 27, 1968, he was well-known at Sub-Aquatics. Click Here for the full image and click here for the obituary

The Hansa Jet, for good Visibility: Rich Lauer of Columbus took advantage of the good visibility and snapped these photos.

Click Here for more photos, some added on August 25, 2009.

Legends Honored: Bob Meistrell, Robert Croft, Alec Peirce, and Dottie Frazier comment on each other's photos Saturday at the International Legends of Diving Festival, Portage Quarry, August 7-9, 2009. Click Here for photos of the 2009 Legends Event.

Parrotheads Unite. The Parrots of the Caribbean hit the stage for an evening of Jimmy Buffett music, second annual appearance at the quarry. With them was John Briggle who debuted the Portage Song. Also underwater photos showing crystal clear water.

Chris Guglielmo Workshop a Great Success. The quarry was hopping with the Advance Aquatics Steak Fry and the Chris Guglielmo underwater photo workshop. Harris Taylor, a workshop attendee, turned in this photo of the week. Click here for more Photos

Divers Alert Network Weekend. Over the 25 years at Portage the barbecue to benefit DAN has raised over $30,000. Host, the TA Club of Reynoldsburg, has become a Platinum Dive Club Donor. Click this link or the image for more surface and underwater photos.

Inside the trailer. Tim Alberts has a close encounter with this largemouth bass inside the trailer on the east wall of the quarry, photo by Tom Briggle. Click the image or this link for a larger view.

Fun at the BlowOut. There was plenty of dancing and fun at the Country BlowOut on July 4th with three sets including Backroads Band, Uptown Country, and Tim Omark And Southern Justice. Photos courtesy of Sam Hawary. Dancing and band photos.

At the Net. A warm sunny late Spring Sunday brought out swimmers and volleyball players. The games were intense, but they all had fun. Also, check out the latest addition for divers, a giant bobber in the middle of Portage Quarry. Check out the action on the sand.

Mark Kistner – Beloved Instructor and World Traveler. Volunteer fireman, practicing attorney, dive instructor, and world traveler Mark Kistner died April 1, 2009. He will be remembered and missed by all who knew him. Read the Obit

Experience Deep Sea Diving in a Brass Helmet, just like Carl Brashear and so many other legends. Have your photo taken at Portage Quarry while diving with these vintage helmets August 8, 2009, on the Legends of Diving weekend, It will be an experience of a lifetime.

Timothy Bryan DuBoe, a career dive instructor at Sub-Aquatics in Reynoldsburg, OH passed away suddenly in Ohio on April 28, 2009. Born August 27, 1968, Timothy was well-known in Ohio for diving, he will be missed. Read the Full Obit

The annual Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Divers Paradise in Toledo is one of the first sanctioned events of the year at Portage Quarry. The hidden eggs were an easy find for the hunters, who were rewarded with gifts that afternoon on April 19. See the Photos.

In one of the largest gatherings of legendary divers, the local schools got involved early in the four-day event with an introduction to some of the divers that made the sport. Many Photos Posted, plenty more to come. Photo by Chris Guglielmo.

ScubaFest returns to Columbus for a few nights of Scuba and the 50th anniversary celebration of OCSSDI, March 20-22. Here are a few photographs of the event including this photo of David Trotter and Valerie van Heest at the Legends Booth. More Photos

Marine science students from St. George and Hayward High Schools on Grand Bahama Island will meet the “Legends of Diving” in sessions that will begin March 31 and run through April 3, 2009 in this first time event. More

Bob Rajner (left) with fellow divers in Perrysburg, circa 1967. Rajner celebrated his 70th Birthday on March 14. He has been diving for 50 years and continues to dive regularly. He also is responsible for the Friday night programs. More

Dive 'n Surf Shop #42 in Redondo Beach, CA in 1955. In the picture is
Dale Velzy, Hap Jacobs, Bill Meistrell, and Bev Morgan. Bob Meistrell is featured in the 4th Annual Legends Festival Aug 7-9.

Renowned underwater photographer Christopher Guglielmo will hold a workshop at Portage Quarry, July 25-26. Request more information and click on image above for a larger view. Chris Guglielmo Website

The history of Portage Quarry is written by owner Jeff Rice. Follow its history from its use as a rich source of dolomite, to the tragedy of this tower while mining in 1947, to the clean-up of the quarry for use as a dive site and recreation facility. History of Portage Quarry

Dave Swindells of England submitted two photos, this one and one of himself on a shark feeding dive at Underwater Explorer Society in late 2008. He is on the left in the first photo. More Photos

Ollie Ferguson, Underwater Explorer Society (UNEXSO) long-time dive master, invites divers to the International Legends of Diving festival April 2 to April 6, 2009 on Grand Bahama Island. Full Size

Ben Rose, Underwater Explorer Society (UNEXSO) diving legend, first dive guide at UNEXSO, invites skin divers to the International Legends of Diving festival April 2 to April 6, 2009 on Grand Bahama Island. Full Size

Dr. John Clement, UNEXSO legend Dr. John Clement, there from the start in the 60s, invites the scuba community to the International Legends of Diving festival April 2 to April 6, 2009 on Grand Bahama Island. Full Size

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