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Fish and divers take to the Scarab and Cheese Whiz: Chris Colombo brought a group of divers to Portage the weekend of October 2, this photo of Alex Boge on the recently submerged Scarab. Larger view.

No Fish Were Harmed While Taking this Picture: But they may have been embarrassed. Submitted by James Porter E CTR USAF AFMC AFRL/RXSA, it was taken at the silo with a school of hungry fish surrounding him. The quarry remains open on weekends through November 1. Larger view of the fish at the silo.

Adaptive Diver Ramp Dedication: Chris Morgan, president of Mid-Ohio Divers opens the new ramp for adaptive divers on September 4. A sign on the ramp reads, Donated with the efforts of the Mid Ohio Divers, the Winking Lizard Tavern, and "The Adaptive Diver BBQ Benefit". Kary McNeal won the 50/50 raffle for $525, which was half of the $1050 collected. Larger view of the dive ramp.

New Boat Ramp?: Actually, it is a new ramp for adaptive divers in its final stages of construction in time for the Mid-Ohio Divers Fifth Annual Adaptive Divers Benefit & BBQ, this Saturday, September 4. All you can eat BBQ, courtesy of the Winking Lizard. A portion of the dive receipts for the day benefits Adaptive Divers. Larger view from the beginning of the ramp. Larger view 2 from above.

Scarab Dunked: On Aug 20, 2010, the Friday night group sank the 30 ft. scarab, and we have the video here from the bow cam. It is sunk to the right of Mike's rock in Speedboat lagoon. As you can see Don Johnson and Miami Vice ran this one hard. Capt Jimmy Meads and Admiral Bob Rajner were in command setting this artificial reef on the Portage Quarry floor. Larger view of the boat. Watch the video.

Legends and Diving Community Celebrate DACOR: Robert Olson, Valerie van Heest, Victor Worst, Gary & Jeff Davison, Alec Peirce, Robert Croft, Paul Lewis, Brian Skerry
appear at Portage to celebrate DACOR. Shown above is Jeff Rice receiving an award from Robert Studnicka of the Scuba Museum as Dive Shop of the Year in 2010.  More photos of the Legends, Divers and Prize Winners

Parrots of the Caribbean take the stage in Parrots and Pirates weekend: The number one tribute band to Jimmy Buffett performed Saturday night to cap the weekend of movies, Caribbean music, and other shenanigans. Photos include volleyball, solo performance by Guenther, limbo contest, and anyone else who lived the Parrothead spirit.  More photos of Parrots and Parrotheads

More Photos from DAN Weekend: Andy Silverman, dive educator for Columbus SCUBA, won the 50/50 drawing at the DAN Barbeque the weekend of July 17-18. The TA Club of Reynoldsburg, OH sponsored the event at Portage and presented DAN president Dan Orr with a check for $2,000 at the end. Columbus SCUBA was a participating sponsor. More photos and news

DAN Weekend Photo of Dan and Betty Orr: More photos of the DAN Bbq by Jon Wells, this one of DAN President Dan Orr and DAN vice-president Betty Orr. "First, congratulations again for your wonderful award recognizing your support for The Divers Alert Network. I’m constantly amazed at your involvement in this sport we love."  Read the whole letter and more photos.

Honeymoon Bliss: They may not have been married at the quarry, but newlyweds Jamie and Phil Sobers knew how to celebrate their marriage with dive activity. Caught on digital media by Rich Lauer, the Sobers are off on their honeymoon. The canon on the bow of the boat is in the NE corner of the quarry near the Hansa jet. View the larger image of the Sobers taken by Rich Lauer of Columbus.

Wedding and Other Holiday Events: Dive regulars Dawn and Joe married underwater on July 3, 2010. Catch their wedding photos underwater and all the entertainment on stage with Tim Omark, country recording artist, and Uptown Country. The beach was crowded, the diving was great. See the photos on this hot July 4th holiday weekend.

Last Week Events: Jeff Rice, Portage Quarry owner and president of the International Legends of Diving, discusses SCUBA topics and overviews a brief history of diving at the Bowling Green Public Library. Children ages 5-13 were welcome and had hands-on demonstrations of the gear used in diving, including this digital camera. See the library and other Quarry photos.

Open Water Training on Father's Day: Charles Fellows of Detroit, MI introduces a new class to the open water pleasure of diving on Father's Day, June 19, 2010 at Portage Quarry. Other basic open water classes were in training on this day including one led by Bob Rajner. Portage offers its own classes and invites other dive shops to offer open water training. Photo.

2010 Meeting with Ricou Browning Actor, Film Producer, Director, "The Gill Man": Jeff Rice (left) of Portage Quarry meets with Ricou Browning, "The Gill Man". Browning has had a full legendary career in diving on the set of many popular TV shows and movies including Flipper and Creature of the Black Lagoon. Read the bio of Ricou Browning.

2010 Season Begins on High Note: Portage Quarry is ready for the Summer months, if you can judge by the pictures from Memorial Day weekend. Catch the photos of SCUBA diving, volleyball, this beach musician, sunbathers, and swimming on this first weekend of the 2010 season. Photos of Memorial Day weekend, a sign of good weather.

Meeting on Cozumel Island: On Cozumel Island Dr. Dario Gómez with his wife Jennifer (center) meets with Legends of Diving contributors (from left) Tom Briggle, Sherry Lantz, and Linda Briggle (right). He is the Medical Liaison and Medical Hotline Director for México and Insular Caribbean Divers Alert Network (DAN) America. Click here for the bio of Dr. Jorge Dario Gómez Castillo.

Mike Nelson, Television Dive Hero, Defender of Good: Every kid wanted to be like Mike, don diving gear, and explore the undersea world depicted on the beloved series Sea Hunt. Beau Bridges, at right, is the son of actor Lloyd Bridges who played Nelson for 155 episodes. Beau accepted a NAUI award for Lloyd. Read the Biography on Mike Nelson of Sea Hunt.

NAUI Opens New Headquarters with Awards and 50th Celebration: Beau Bridges accepts an award for his father, Lloyd Bridges, who played Mike Nelson on Sea Hunt from 1958 to 1961 at new NAUI facility in Tampa Bay, FL on February 20, 2010. See more photos of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of NAUI at its new facility.

Sharks and more sharks: This video shot at the Legends of Diving Festival at Port Lucaya, Bahamas, in April 2009 just surfaced on youtube.com. Ben Rose and Christina Zenato were reunited after 22 years to feed the sharks on this historic dive. The video was shot by Dale Dervin, a divemaster and regular at Portage Quarry. Review the pictures and video from this diving event.

Summer Heats up for 2010 Legends at Portage: Valerie van Heest, a member women divers hall of fame, shipwreck hunter, award winning author, filmmaker and exhibit designer will be one of the featured legends at Portage Quarry, August 13-15, 2010. Read the bio on Valerie and mark your calendars now for the 5th Annual Legends of Diving.

Legends Added to List for celebration in Cozumel: Nick Icorn, "The Keeper of the Flame", Joe Liburdi (shown here), with 58 years of diving experience, along with two legends of diving in Mexico, Sergio Sandoval and Manuel Lazcano, have recently been asked to join the list of legends in Cozumel.

NAUI and Legends step it up Five Notches: NAUI is celebrating its rich history with a 50th anniversary bonanza at the Legends of Diving festival on Cozumel, starting April 12. Plenty of activities are planned for the event including specials for the first 50 registrants. Jeff Rice (right) meets with Jim Bram (left), NAUI president at the headquarters. Meet the legends and celebrate.

Happy New Year: We start out 2010 with a photo of the Journal of Diving History, page 20 Summer 2009, Volume 17, Issue 3. Thanks to Leslie Leaney. View a larger image.

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