September 30, 2007
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Water Rescue Team for Wood County

County Swears in 23 Special Deputies for Crisis Situations

PORTAGE (OH) - The Sheriff of Wood County, Mark Wasylyshyn is pleased to announce the formation of the Water Rescue Team for Wood County. Twenty three members will be sworn in as special deputies with the department on Thursday October, 4 at 5:00 p.m. at Portage Quarry in Bowling Green, Ohio. This will be a quick response team for the County with the members being volunteers and donating their time and equipment on-call to the Department for special crisis situations.

The team is comprised of Divers from all three dive shops in Toledo. Aqua Hut, Divers Paradise, Sea Level Scuba and Portage Quarry Dive Team will participate. These members located around the county at various locations will have available to them surface air helmets, side scan sonar, and additional gear and support .The unit will be meeting and receive training throughout the winter months. They will be trained by Capt. Tom Jaksetic of Northwest Regional Search and Recovery who works for Toledo Fire Dept. and Homeland Security.

The team was organized by Jeff Rice of Portage Quarry and consists of divers with expertise in various areas. They even have a paramedic on the team.

“The sheriff is pleased with these volunteers and it is something the county has needed”, said Rice. “At this time they have had to rely on other Departments, which have slowed response time.” The Wood County residents should be very proud of the men and women donating their time at no cost to taxpayers. We would like to invite the media to the swearing in on Thursday at 5:00p.m at Portage Quarry. Call Jeff Rice at 419-352-9203 for any further information.

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