Portage Quarry Recreation Clubís Dive Class Schedule

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 through Labor Day Weekend 2012

  • Open Water classes available at your convenience
  • Advanced Open Water and Specialty classes available at your convenience
  • Private classes available by appointment only; special fees apply

For questions on pricing & our program, please email us at:


Meet Our Instructors...

Jeff Rice
PQ Instructor
PADI Master Dive Trainer
Dive Instructor for Over 30 Years

Bob Rajner
PQ Instructor
Dive Instructor for Over 45 Years

Kevin McCarthy
PQ Instructor
9 years experience as an Instructor

Lee Cory
PQ Dive Master
Diving for Over 10 Years

Ric Minturn
PADI Instructor since 1990

Ohio's Convenient Scuba Dive Certifications
Now Accepting Certification Referrals for PADI, NAUI, SSI, and PDIC

Maybe you spend too much time on the computer at work and would rather turn down the lights and watch a video. With the open water video and manual you can have it your way. Becoming a certified diver has never been more convenient, jump in and test the waters today.

Stop in at the Portage Quarry dive shop and have those questions answered. And sign up for a course or to purchase those materials to get you started.

Portage Quarry is a certified PADI resort. For over 25 years we have been serving the northwest Ohio area in the services of diving and supporting those instructors teaching the sport. Our Master dive trainer is certified through three agencies and has spent his life in this area teaching and traveling the world diving. Usually our classes are very small, with two or three students, but we can arrange classes for groups from 6 to 30 students.

This PADI course is conducted over a four-day period and the student sets the pace. We usually meet in the evenings, if you complete the classroom and the pool work, and then itís on to your certification dives. This only takes 2 half days. And you are a certified diver.

We offer advanced certification along with Specialty ratings, and can take you up the ladder of Diving.

Prices vary. Please call the
Quarry Dive shop.

Now Offering eLearning
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Air Refills 7 Days a Week
While Gates are Open in Season


  • Five Training Platforms

  • Must show Proof of Certification or be with an instructor

  • Night Dives available upon request on Friday & Saturday only

  • During the week, dive shop is available for air fills upon call by gate keeper


Portage Quarry Instructor

Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice is a certified PADI master dive
instructor with 30+ years experience. EMail

Dive Instruction Your Way

Are you one of those homebodies who like to learn in the comfort of your home? Do you like to set your own pace and learn what you want when you want? Portage Quarry offers a variety of ways to cover Scuba basics at home. Which means you determine how fast or slow you want to become an open water diver.

We offer you PADIís multimedia CD-ROM This program is always there at your fingertips to answer those questions, and guide you towards certification. Do your worksheets at home and bring them into the Quarry dive shop and get prepared for the next exciting step in completing the course.

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