DAN Barbeque Weekend

Dan Orr, president of the Divers Alert Network (DAN) with his wife Betty Orr, M.S., Vice President of DAN visited the weekend of July 17, 2010. DAN recognized the TA Club for their years of service and the TA Club honored Dan and Betty Orr with banners around the quarry. Plans are already under way for the 27th Annual DAN Barbeque to be held at the Portage Quarry next July. Dan Orr recognized Jeff Rice and Tim Broderick with its President's Award. New photos submitted by Jon Wells are added July 26, 2010, including the top photo of Dan and Betty.

Dear Jeff:

First, congratulations again for your wonderful award recognizing your support for The Divers Alert Network. I’m constantly amazed at your involvement in this sport we love…

For many years (while I was Training Director at Sub-Aquatics) I thought you were the “absentee landlord” and that Mike and his family ran the quarry for you… then Jeff Meyers at PADI HQ told me of your teaching and instruction and the many certifications you hold, PADI, NAUI and probably the YMCA before that. You’ve brought the pleasure of diving to many, many people over the years.

Then I bring up my old double hose regular and “hospital” valve tank and “may west” jacket thinking you might want to display it… and then I walk into a magnificent museum of early diving equipment, and feel truly humbled staring at the finest and largest collection of gear from the 1950s and 1960s that is assembled anywhere on earth. Believe me, if it was in my power I would finance a real diving museum in your honor and build it there in Bowling Green so the world could see how our sport developed over the years.

Then, even though I was a large part of the BBQ for DAN while at Sub-Aquatics for all those years, I had NO idea of your involvement in the early years of DAN and your large monetary donations in both services and material… sending Mike all the way to North Carolina was no small expense. You seemly never said anything. I guess you could claim that the subject never came up… but I now realize that it is your personality to seemly do what needs to be done, and if there is credit to take for doing the right thing, it will come in due time.

For all the divers and Dive Centers that have found pleasure in using your quarry over the years, thank you.

Jon Wells

Andy G. Silverman, dive educator for Columbus SCUBA, won the 50/50 drawing. Columbus SCUBA was a participating sponsor.

The photo of the week is an underwater banner shot by Rich Lauer with model Tammy Wells.

Dan Orr announced to the crowd that a President’s Award had been created for DAN members. Holding the second DAN newsletter ever printed, he indicated that one member of DAN present at the Barbeque had been a member since DAN’s inception. Dan Orr then presented the first President’s Award to Jeff Rice, owner of the Portage Quarry, for his contributions to the organization. He made mention of the countless hours, money, and printing that Rice had provided to help keep DAN alive in the beginning. The inscription reads on the award, “For dedicated service to DAN. By providing critical early assistance to DAN and your continued commitment to DAN’s vital dive safety mission you have helped secure DAN’S growth and success in the future. July 17, 2010”

The second award was handed out to Tim Broderick, president of the TA Club, for the club’s 26 years of service, as well as for being the first dive club to reach platinum status. Through the years they have donated more than $37,000 to DAN. The TA Club then presented another $2,000 to Dan Orr from this year’s benefit barbeque. Dan Orr finished by thanking the many club members and local dive shops for their support of the TA Dive Club and helping to make this annual barbeque a success.

TA Club members place treasures around the quarry for divers to find in the Second Annual Tater Hunt.

Katya Bubbleva of Reynoldsburg had her number drawn by Dan Orr for a Medical Kit donated by DAN as part of the Saturday events of the DAN Weekend sponsored by the TA Club.

Thank you for the great photos and helping to make this a success.

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